Holding spacebar to tend to crops doesn't work while mounted

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Crops can still be tended to with the mouse while mounted, which suggests that this behaviour is unintended.

How to fix:

  1. Add the "tendable_farmplant" tag to the PICKUP_TAGS table that is located on line 73 of components/rider_replica.lua
  2. Add the same elseif check that is on lines 1468-1469 of components/playercontroller.lua to the GetPickupAction function on line 51 of components/rider_replica.lua
  3. Change self.inst:HasTag("mime") to inst:HasTag("mime") since the GetPickupAction function doesn't take self as an argument

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Mount beefalo/Woby
  2. Hold spacebar while near a crop that hasn't been tended to
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