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Help - Power Failure Caused ALL my Servers Disappear

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Help me please! I had several saved servers - mainly one that I just got passed my second winter on, and another with a group of friends... I was playing alone when suddenly the power went out in my neighborhood. When I logged back in just now, all my servers have completely disappeared! Even the ones I was not playing on when the power cut. WTF :(

The power has cut out once before with no issues, I just restarted from the last save point (morning of the day I was on). This time, when the power got cut, my laptop had a bit of battery life to sustain it for like 10 seconds.. I hit "Disconnect" in an attempt to save my progress before the laptop died, but before it could finish disconnecting from the server, my laptop cut off too (old lappy with bad battery, auto-hibernate on low battery no longer works). Somehow this deleted my servers? How can that be?? :( Is there any way to restore them? Could this be a glitch? Are they hiding somewhere?

SIGH... I was FINALLY doing well. :( 





Problem Solved!!

In case someone else has this issue, This is what worked for me. I followed this person's instructions with a little change:

What probably happened is your server world just isn't being loaded correctly after you backed up for whatever reason.

[*]Assuming your world wasn't deleted you should go to the directory
You should find 5 Cluster files each corresponding to the worlds you can host in game.
[*]Assuming your world was the first one on the list you will want to move the Cluster_1 file and paste it into your desktop.
[*]Once you have done that open DST and create another world with your desired world settings. (If your previous world had caves turn that on as well)
[*]Close DST
[*]Go back to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether
There should be new Cluster_1 file now.
[*]Go into the Cluster file that you placed into your desktop and copy the Master and Caves file that you should find inside.
[*]Paste the previously mentioned Master and Caves files directly into the new Cluster_1 file that DST made when you generated a new world.
[*]Open up the world in DST and see if it worked.

Hopefully that helps.

After copying the original Masters and Caves files from the desktop, I pasted it into the corresponding area (selecting to 'replace' all files with the same name). I tried the DST and it didnt load my original game yet. So I then had to manually go into Cluster_1 > Master > save > session > [bunch of letters and numbers] > [another long set of letters and numbers] on both the original folder and the new one that was created just now with the new world we just made. I deleted the save files there (titled 0000000001 and 00000002 etc) and replaced them with my 6 save files from the original folder (titled higher numbers like 0000000113 and 0000000000114 etc). I also had to do this in the next folder as well: Cluster_1 > Master > save > session > [bunch of letters and numbers] > [another long set of letters and numbers]

Then when I started up DST, my original game was there with a recent save! :D

I'll have to do this for Cluster_3 where my friends and I play, too, but hoping it works the same! :) Very relieved!

Steps to Reproduce

While playing inside a server, either cut the power suddenly or click 'disconnect' on the game, and cut the power prior to it completing.

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