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Graphic Jitter on Hosted/Dedicated Servers

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I am getting a graphic jittering almost when moving around in DST after the recent "Year of the Catcoon" update.  If I turn Lag compensation on to predictive my characters jitter seems to go away, but other animals or moving AI still have the effect. I can provide video if need be. I only notice this when I set up a server via Nodecraft or Dedicated on my computer. if it is just loaded normally through the Host Game button, there is no "jittering", it seems to be fine.  Nothing in the Server logs looks odd, I looked it over as well did a worker at NodeCraft. This has never happened until the recent update.

Steps to Reproduce

Play on a Hosted Server such as NodeCraft or start a Dedicated Server. 

User Feedback

Still having the issue after update....

https://clips.twitch.tv/ImportantDoubtfulKiwiLeeroyJenkins-poa5QJryQT_pcfKp This is what it looks like since the Update.

The characters models and text seems to be double as I move....  This is a major issue as it is causing me some headaches and hurts the eyes to try and play with it like this.  This was never an Issue until the release of the Year of the Catcoon update.

I tried to start a new server with no mods to see if that was the issue, no luck.  Still have the same jittering looking graphics...

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**UPDATE** I have been in contact with NodeCraft about this Issue, there is a temp fix for now which is setting your Tick rate of the server to 15.  They claim Default is 30, but that is not the case.  Setting your tick rate to 15 will fix about 90% of the jitter effect. Go to Game Settings, then click the Advanced tab, it is right at the top, set that to 15.  This will correct 90% of the issue.unknown.png

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