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Glommer leaves multiple images on map

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I picked up the glommer for the first time.  I use the minimap plugin, but still go to the big map very often.  Sometimes when I switch, the Glommer leaves "trails" on the map.  See a long trail in the south-west and a short one in the south-south-east.

Screenshot from 2023-01-24 08-02-53.png

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Get Glommer at full moon
  2. Use a road (or the edge of a landmass) to move at just the right speed that the Glommer trails at the edge of your perception.  As you gain enough distance from it, you'll see glommer trails on the map.  You can watch it happen in real time if you use the Minimap HUD mod.
  3. See multiple images of glommer on the big map.
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User Feedback

That's caused by the speed difference between you and glommer.

You can't really say it's a bug

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this is normal you are too fast just go in this area and this will delete it self on map

btw this works for any changes in map such as buring trees meteors on mosaic

and chester dying in base


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