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Glommer flower failed to spawn a Glommer, no new flower can spawn until it exists, cannot delete it.

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We killed our Glommer right before the night of full moon would start, near the statue. Hunted down the sleeping Krampi, went back for the new flower, picked it up, yet no Glommer showed up. The old flower withered away as it should, the new flower failed to summon a Glommer even after several server restarts, traveling to caves and back, or traveling through wormholes with it. The flower cannot be destroyed by fire, eyeplants, nor with the command: 


as it may disappear at first, but will be back at the place it was deleted after awhile or after the server restarts.

We only use simple mods, like Crockpot recipes, Minimap, Combined Status, Mob variety, Finder Redux, etc. Nothing too invasive or game-changing. Also, never encountered this bug before, only now, in a new world that was created around the start of the beefalo event, before the QoL and world settings updates.

What might be the cause and how should it be solved?

Steps to Reproduce

As of now, we were unable to respawn the Glommer in order to repeat the incident.

Seemed like normal procedure to me:

- bring the live Glommer to the statue before full moon

- kill it right before nightfall

- fight the sleeping Krampi around the statue during full moon

- pick up the new flower from the statue

- run away and wait for the new Glommer ... ?

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