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[Gameplay] - Wickerbottom Applied Horticulture Not Working in Fall

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For some reason, the Applied Horticulture is not working for berry bushes in the fall. I planted a large amount of them only to see nothing working when I use the book. It's not Winter, it's only the 13th day of Fall. The server I'm playing on is using mods, here are almost all of them: Fast Travel, Global Positions, Quick Pick, Infinite Stacking, and another mod that allows Maxwell to use a lot more shadow workers. I think I've played on a server before where the book does in fact work, but the mods were different. If anyone replies, I can get back to them with a better list of mods, unless the solution doesn't have to do with mods.

Steps to Reproduce
I simply created the Applied Horticulture book, plopped down a few berry bushes, and used it. The bushes did not give more berries, but the trees around the bushes were able to regrow.

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