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Game puts me back in caves 30 days before but overworld stays the same

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I've already encountered an issue twice where the game puts me back around 30 days back into the caves, but when I go back to the surface, everything is the same as when I last played. The only thing that changes is the days I've survived in the world and my inventory. It's an issue though because I lose all items that were in my inventory since it all changed to how it was 30 days before in game. I'm not sure if this is a bug, but it's happened twice and is kind of annoying especially when I have special items in my inventory that take time to replace, or are irreplaceable. 

Steps to Reproduce

I played the game for a bit yesterday and simply logged out as normal. Today, when I logged into the game all I did was activate the year of the beefalo event in the world settings and change the amount of lureplants that spawn from none to default. 

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