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Game is freezing upon loading into a friends game

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We had been playing on this server of theirs for a while, everything was fine, my pc wasnt struggling or anything and the game loaded fast into their world. The May QOL update came out and then whenever i tried to join my friends server my entire game would freeze during the loading screen and would end up crashing, although there wasnt any crash logs in the files about it. I had tried numerous things, Deleting mods, reinstalling, game verification, cleaning mods. But i still cant get into their game, there were a couple times the crash came with a message saying that the game ran out of memory, I searched that up and those solutions didnt work for me. I asked the host if any crash reports had come up on their end and all it said was that my connection was lost to the server. If you could help that would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance


Steps to Reproduce

download update, connect to server

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