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Game freezes on initial loading screen

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I have played Don't Starve Together for quite a while now and have never had any issues launching the game.  Earlier today, I launched the game and was looking at the server list, then closed my game.  Now when I try to launch the game, it opens a black screen that hangs for ~5 minutes and then goes to the initial loading screen, where the game freezes (or simply continues to load, but I waited for over 20 minutes w/out it actually loading).

I updated my drivers, verified the game cache (twice), deleted local content and redownloaded the game, made sure to delete all mods, etc.  Nothing seems to work, it goes to the black screen and if it even gets past the black screen, it just hangs on the first loading screen forever.

Steps to Reproduce
Download Don't Starve Together from Steam and press Play.

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