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Game Fails to Recognize Audio Input Changes

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I don't know why I haven't reported this earlier, but an issue I have with the game is that the game produces no audio if you have changed audio devices, and there's
no option to change an audio device in game. Games with a 'legacy audio engine' (drawback being higher latency) don't appear to have this issue. So I'm forced to restart the game and keep the same audio device if I want audio.

I notice it happens on a lot of other Steam games, as well. So it might be a bug with Steam client, but maybe it's still fixable (it works with legacy audio engine setting, for example).
Conexxant IIST audio device is what I'm using if that's relevant.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open game.
2. Change audio device (like unplugging your headphones, for example)
3. The game should have no audio.

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User Feedback

Hello. I am not experiencing this issue anymore (maybe because of a new OS) so I can't provide anymore details about it, sorry.

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