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Game crashes on start. Help

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I installed too many mods and this caused the Memory to not work any more. Now I know Keli does not help with bugs from mods, but some mobs just keep crashing my game.

Yes. I tried reinstalling it, no luck. Validating game files, nope. I even uninstalled mods in hopes to keep the game working again.

I guess the RAM was too small or it has so much CPU it died.

Update: Bug has been fixed. I can play now. You may close this.

Steps to Reproduce
I was not doing anything rather just having fun with the console spawning a lot of NPCs and keeping them alive with a fire pit. When I went to feed the NPCs, the game started to lag then crashed. I reopened it and it disabled client mods. When I enabled them again and went back into my world, the game crashed. And now it will never let me play. I think disabling server mods could do the trick but the game won't let me because I killed it. So far, nothing seems to work. :(

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