Game crashed on Beefalo Grooming Station

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I was trying to groom my beefalo after I had bond with it.

After I have craft out the Beefalo Grooming station I tried to used it, hitching the beefalo to the grooming station was not an issues but when I click dress up the whole game crashed and I did not enable any mods in my games.

Please Help Guys.

FYI, I have attached a picture of the logs regarding to the game crashed. 



Game Crashed - Beefalo Grooming Station.PNG

Steps to Reproduce

I was crafting the Beefalo Grooming Station and getting ready to dress up my beefalo.

But when I click the dress up on the grooming station the whole game crashed.

I have not used any mods in the games.

Game Crashed - Beefalo Grooming Station.PNG

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