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Fullscreen stretched beyond screen with UI scaling > 100% in Windows

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Notice: There is a workaround for this bug which I mention below.

I use Windows 10. My monitor setup is:

1280x1024 secondary

1920x1080 main

1920x1080 tv

The recommended scaling for Windows elements is 150% for the tv, 100% for the others.


When I play fullscreen on my main monitor, it works:main_monitor.jpg

When I play fullsceen on my tv, the game is stretched off the screen:


unless I change the tv's scaling of windows elements from the 150% (recommended) to 100%:



Now if I duplicate my main monitor onto my tv (the tv has scaling set to 150%):mirrored_monitors_windowed.jpg

and enable fullscreen, I get this (notice the scaling factor changes automatically):mirrored_monitors_fullscreen.jpg

To workaround this issue I have to change the scaling factor down to 100% while the game is running in fullscreen and then restart the game (or switch to windowed mode and back to fullscreen). Unless I do this while the game is running in fullscreen the scaling automatically switches back to 100% (recommended) once I quit the game or change to windowed mode and back to 150% (recommended) once the game enters fullscreen again.


This workaround seems to be consistent upon relaunches of the game meaning if you apply this workaround once, every time you launch the game afterwards it keeps the 100% scaling in fullscreen mode. (At least as long as the screen mirroring isn't changed. If I cancel the screen mirroring and set it up again, the problem occurs again.)


The bug seems to be that the game uses the Windows elements scaling at all in fullscreen mode.

Steps to Reproduce
On single monitor: 1. Change the scaling of Windows elements to > 100% on a monitor. 2. Launch the game on that monitor in fullscreen mode. => The game is stretched off the screen. On mirrored monitors: 1. Have one monitor with recommended (i.e. default) Windows element scaling of 100%. 2. Have another monitor with recommended scaling of > 100%. 3. Mirror these monitors in Windows. => The Windows element scaling is 100% for the mirrored monitors. 4. Launch the game on the mirrored monitors. => The Windows element scaling changes to the value of the second monitor. => The game is stretched off the screen.

User Feedback

P.S.: I tried setting the tv's scaling factor to 100% before mirroring it to the main monitor. That changed nothing. So the game uses the recommended scaling factor of the tv in the mirrored setup, not the actual scaling factor of it.

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