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Full Screen on Mac makes game start "misaligned"

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First things first... Here in this Forum DST doesn't show up as a MacOS compatible game but it is (This is a MacOS Bug BTW)

When Starting the game in Fullscreen, this happens 


I've managed to "fix it" by deleting my 'client.ini', starting in default windowed low-res mode, and then changing my settings to fullscreen at the right resolution.

Also, I saw this on the Client_Log, don't know if it helps. 1554785322_ScreenShot2020-05-28at22_44_55.thumb.png.aa208b792ef7ad0fd53211fa12d8e39d.png

Steps to Reproduce

- Start game

-make it full screen

- make it 2880x1800

- exit game

-start game again

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