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Friends can't join caves in 200+ days played

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Players other than the host are unable to enter the caves server with message popping up suggesting the server is "friends-only". Caves and over-world were working fine for up to a whole month of playing at this point. I only make backups of the "Cluster" file and this message pops up now when he tries to enter caves.  We tried using backups of the same world--but still no luck. We've played several days in the over-world and did not notice this bug until we both tried to go through a sinkhole. We both have the latest DST version and are friended on steam. Any help would be appreciated! 

server sc.png

Steps to Reproduce

I launch the server normally and friends are able to join with no problem. It's not until they try to enter caves where they are kicked out of the server with that "friends-only" message. Host is unaffected and can enter willingly.

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