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French traduction not right.

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When the game language is set to french, in some cases the word order of the obects/food (in your inventory) is not right. Ex. When something is wet the words ''water-logged'', ''soggy'', ''wet'' and ''slippery'' are before the name of the obects in english. Well, in french (the words in french are ''trempé(e)'', ''glissant(e)'', ''gorgé(e) d'eau'' and ''humide'' ) these should be placed after the name of the objects. It's the same thing with rotten food (with the words ''périmé'' and ''gâté'' in french). This is my favorite game and I like to play the game in french, so I would like this to be fixed. Thanks in advance from all french players. Also, sorry for bad english.

Example: English:                        soggy petals

                French (not right) :       trempé pétales

                French (right) :             pétales trempé

Don't Starve Together_ Console Edition_20220826094354 (2).jpg

Don't Starve Together_ Console Edition_20220826094405 (2).jpg

Don't Starve Together_ Console Edition_20220826094416 (3).jpg

Don't Starve Together_ Console Edition_20220826094428 (2).jpg

Steps to Reproduce

1. Set language to french

2. Create a new world and set rain to ''more'' and the start season to ''spring''.

3. Choose wickerbottom.

3. Pick up flowers, then craft an axe.

4. Wait until the wetness meter reaches 35.

5. Observe your inventory (papyrus, flower and axe) and something near you .


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