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Floorless Glitch, Everything is Ocean

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Whenever I have been out to sea for about half a day, the ocean randomly changes. The floor layer (ground, grass, bright waters, etc) all glitch out and reveal the dark ocean floor underneath, the one that can be seen if you reach the end of the map. There are also times where it's only dry land that vanishes, revealing the other water layer. 



Steps to Reproduce

Going out into the water for approx. half a day or more seems to trigger this event. Whether this is by coincidence or actually a part of the problem, I was using new additions to the boats, such as the mass upgrades and the water pump. There were also (naturally spawned) rockjaws during these incidents. 

One thing that could be tested is finding Rockjaws and seeing if that creates the same effect, or using the new boat additions.

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