Flingomatic and burning entities

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Hey, I think I found a bug with flingomatics and burning entities that is pretty frustrating and made me rollback many times...

I set up a krampus farm, with bunnies (cave bunnies), I have 4 flingomatics that are turned on, I call 2 stars with a star caller staff with planted tuff underneath to make the flingos shoot snowball almost constantly so the bunnies can be frozen in place, while I kill them to spawn krampuses... This part works fine.

The bug occurs when I go back to my main base, when the setup I described earlier is far from me (unloaded), often, when i come back to the setup (it's random), everything burned down, while everything was supposed to be protected by the flingos...

I know things are unloaded when they are off screen to save processing power, but shouldn't the fires too ?

A simple solution would be : detect on unload for each entities, if they are on fire or starting to burn, and if they are in range of an active flingomatic ; then remove the burning state of the entity.

Steps to Reproduce

Having a star from a star caller staff on planted tuff in range of one or more active flingomatics ; unload them by going far away ; go back to the setup ; every often, everything is burned down.

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