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Failure to launch DST

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I try to launch DST on my desktop computer and it immediately closes. However, it is able to launch on my laptop computer; albeit, at a lower efficiency. This problem started after the last major update. I was able to run it the first time but it crashed while I was looking at the new cosmetics and I haven't been able to launch it since.


I've gone through all of the fixes on this support page and cant seem to find the right issue. I've even gone as far as uninstalling DST and reinstalling it. 


Attached are the DxDiag and client log. Thank you

Steps to Reproduce

1) Launch DST

User Feedback

Your profile file is not able to be read. It is located in the folder Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\(some numbers here)\client_save\profile.

Please try renaming this file to profilebad and launch the game then report back if the game is able to be launched or not. Doing this will clear your current settings and you will need to reset them back to how you like them.

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