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Failed to start-up the server. Got the window, "Dedicated Server Failed to Start. There was some sort of trouble starting the server. Please try again>"

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I just started coming back into playing Don't Starve Together last night and I came into an issue where the server wouldn't start up. I deleted the old server and made a new one and I even re-installed the game but none of these worked. Verifying the game files in Steam didn't work either.

I don't know what is causing the issue.

Steps to Reproduce

Before this issue. I had problems with Windows Security deeming the game files as dangerous and causing the game to crash before I managed to get into the menu screen. After fiddling with it's security and firewall settings, I was able to finally get into the menu screen.

I went to the host tab and clicked the resume game button for the server. I got the window telling me that there was a problem starting the server. Same thing happened when I made a new server.

Going through the client_log.txt file. At the bottom it kept repeating "Orphaned unnamed resource. This resource must have used Add( resource ) to insert itself into the manager". I don't know if that helps. I also tried to find a .mdmp file but I seem to have not been able to find one.


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Have the same problem. It appears when i want to generate a new server and the caves are activated. Try to genereate a world without the caves. 

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