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Failed Attacking

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When attacking creatures, every once in awhile the character will not attack and stands still (with the attack key being pressed). This too often causes the player to mess up a kite most notably when trying to double hit shadows. 

If anyone has questions about what I said, I will respond to help out when needed or clear things up.

Steps to Reproduce

I am very unsure exactly, however i have narrowed it down to a few things. I noticeably see it when the character speaks however it still occurred with Wes, making me think the animation was playing for him, which would mean the speak animation also plays for other characters thus causing the bug, at least that is my theory. 

I tried a few things out here are the notes:

Lag comp its off

Mods were off

All characters I have tested caused this (Wanda, Wes, Wigfrid, Maxwell, Wilson, Warly, Walter, Wolfgang, and Wendy.)

It is ping related from the looks of it as in a solo world I was fine, but in a Klei server in south america (I had good movement and picking up item speed was similar to my solo world) It happened more frequently than in an north american server, however it still happened in the north american server. I live closer to the north american server.

It only occurred when re-attacking the same enemy when kiting or hitting multiple enemy's

Doesn't happen in forge if that helps for some reason

I am not the only one who experiences this as I have heard from friends and other streamers about this bug.

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