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Eye of Terror/ Antlion Sinkhole not repairing

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Near base I have a sinkhole that has been around since one of the first times I fought eye of terror
I believe it happened because I opened and closed the game before it could repair, as the ones from eye of terror repair really fast
Its the only one I found with this issue and I ignored it at first in case it reverted to a antlion sinkhole
But more than two full season rotations have passed and its still there.
I attached the file of my cluster. It doesnt have many mods and the only client ones I use are combined status, geometric placement, gesture wheel and Wormwood Flowers Extender
Also a screenshot of the sinkhole in particular, with me walking on it to show that its not just a visual glitch and that it does slow you down. Tried to find an older screenshot to show how long it has been around but I couldnt find any
Didnt attach any error log since its not a crash but if it is needed regardless I will provide it



Steps to Reproduce

I dont how exactly how it happened but I believe this is how it happened
Keep in mind that the bug that caused it might have been patched (which would be why it only happened once), but the sinkhole itself is still around
1: Get Eye of Terror with low enough health so it starts doing its melee attack
2: Kill Eye of Terror when it leaves a sinkhole
3: Close the server before it starts to heal. This step might be wrong. It could be while it heals, but I dont know exactly how that happened
4: Re open the server. Closing the game may or may not prevent this from happening but I am certain I didnt
If I am right on how it happened that should be it

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