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dumptable causes error

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There is a minor problem with dumtable function, if you use it to show tables with mixed type of keys.

Let's say, we have the following table: tbl = {a = 1, {} , ""} --a table with one string key named "a" and two number keys 1 and 2

dumptable contains table.sort function, which can't sort tables with mixed type of the keys, so the game would throw us an "attempt to compare string with number" error.

To avoid this you should add custom comparator, which would make the job, s.a.:

        --part of dumptable
        local table_keys = {}
        for k,v in pairs(obj) do
            if type(k) == "table" then
                table.insert(table_keys, k)
                table.insert(keys, k)

        local function compareMixed(a, b)
      	    if type(a)~=type(b) then --convert both to strings first, then compare
                return tostring(a)<tostring(b)
                return a<b --this should stay to maintain normal order for numbers (55 is greater than 8, while "55" is less than "8")
        --and only after that...
        table.sort(keys, compareMixed) --using comparator



Steps to Reproduce
tbl = {a = 1, {} , ""} dumtable(tbl)

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