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DST booting one player or crashing the server

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Unsure what exactly is causing this, or if it is more than one issue. One of the people I play with got booted periodically for no reason that we could figure out or reproduce. After a certain point, the server crashed. That appeared to be reproducible, although I don't know what exactly caused it, either a specific time of day or location. I was heading up towards the Dragonfly when it happened. Rolling back to the autosave created on crash caused it to crash immediately on loading. Rolling back to the day before, it crashed again (I was in a similar part of the map). We've used this save file for a long time without any issues until recently.

Klei.zip DxDiag.txt client_log.txt

Steps to Reproduce

For the player (not hosting the server), not sure what was causing them to crash out. It was Webber, if that matters. For the server crashing, I walked north up towards the dragonfly and it crashed every time.

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