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Drying rack "mouseover", clicking on structures behind doesn't work anymore

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As far as I remember, you were always able to active or interact with structures placed behind the drying rack by clicking on them through the empty space of the rack. To click on the rack itself you needed to aim anywhere near wooden beams or the rope. And that made sense since the drying rack is an "open structure" and it's the only big** structure that doesn't obstruct the players path as far I'm aware.
(**big based on placement space needed - like cookpot, endo firepit, firepit, birdcage, alchemy, etc)

Since this bug (Drying Racks "mouseover" symbol does not work) was reported and fixed, hovering anywhere on the rack including the open space in the middle captures the rack only. Below is a screenshot from before the latest updates and as you can see I can activate the pinchin winch through the drying rack however that is not possible anymore. Of course I can click on the top of the winch in this case but if it was a smaller structure (say chest for example) I wouldn't be able to access it through the open space of the drying rack and rotating the screen here wouldn't help as the other structures would block the view).


Steps to Reproduce

Build a rack

Build a chest behind

try to open chest through the open space of the drying rack (without rotating for direct access to chest)

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