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Dragonfly is despawning for no reason

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i just attacked dfly normally and she despawned when she came back from spawning lavae i have no idea what happened i rollbacked and it happened again 

i was recording at the moment to show off how fast i was but game had other plans for me 

also this world was extremely weird i had non stop rain for 3 days in winter and 1.5 days in summer and this only happened when i played wx 78




this is the video i recorded you can see the confusion 

i was going to upload the original video but most you can upload is 99 mb is max appearantly for some reason and video is 600 mb 


i guess i was so fast that i went back in time to before i attacked her ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Steps to Reproduce

casually fight dragonly in summer 

make her bring lavaes 

watch her despawn as you feel all your work being obliterated for no reason and having to feel the guilt of rollback for the rest of the day

User Feedback

ok turns out the far lava place is way too far and its not in loading distance so whenever dragonfly goes there to spawn lavae she actually despawns and respawns 

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