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Don't Starve (Vanilla) crashes when I enter or exit a cave

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The game just closes out to Windows. It seems to save the game info so I don't lose progress, but I have to restart the game every time I enter or exit the caves. I recorded the crash twice, see https://youtu.be/P_Yg0JHogY8

DxDiag, Log.txt and MDMP files are attached.

DxDiag2020.txt log.txt dontstarve_steam_379591_crash_2020_4_10T20_14_55C0.mdmp

Steps to Reproduce

1) Craft pickaxe

2) Use pickaxe to unplug a sink hole

3) Jump into the sink hole, the world generator spins for a moment and you're in the caves.

4) Exit the sink hole, the game crashes

5) Restart the game and enter the sink hole, the game crashes

6) Restart the game and exit the sink hole, the game crashes


User Feedback

I have the same issue for a while, its really messing with abigail for some reason and also the color cube is all messy in the ruins

But I do not think you should post this issue on the together bug tracker

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Yeah, I didn't realize DS and DST had separate bug trackers. I'll repost on the DS one but I don't know how to remove this post now that it's redundant..

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