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directed server failed to start

i am a person
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i get the "dedicated server failed to start" infos:
1-there is no issues with mods
2-it started when i disconnected from my offline world 22/2/2022
3-all the other worlds work fine (i am on day 1041)

4-i have a backup from lots of days before this happened and that one works

Steps to Reproduce

none started randomly

User Feedback

I got the same bug yesterday. Using the rollback option cleared the issue and it hasn't appeared again. However, with each attempt to launch the server while the issue persisted, I noticed my available hard drive space drop by roughly 2GB. Using a diagnostic tool to search for newly created large files, I found a hidden folder "[StartupDisk]/cores" containing 4 2.32GB files "core.[numerical string]" with creation dates matching up to the times the server failed to launch.

Not sure whether I should have started a new topic for this, but I figured it might as well go here as others with the issue may also have noticed missing disk space and are hoping for an explanation. With that in mind, does anybody know what these files, core.71860, core.72274, core.601, core.660 are, whether it's safe to delete them, or if they have a purpose and will be deleted by the system that created them when finished?

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Searching about 'cores' with DST turned up no results, but searching the hidden folder and MacOS gave me my answer. 'cores' is for dumps of system memory which someone skilled in programming can use to figure out why a problem occurred, and ideally how to fix it. To an average user though, they're just a waste of space and can be purged worry-free.

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