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Dedicted Servers becomes unplayable because of recipes changes

Arthurian Titan
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Hello. I am trying to test some mods on dedicated servers that focusĀ on changing DST's recipes. It works properly on any world I create, however, if I or any other person try to make a dedicated server with it, the game becomes unplayabe. All the recipes are broken, making you unable to craft anything on the game, and the status (hunger and sanity) glitches out and becomes a mess of numbers and symbols. This bug seems to occur if any changes to recipes on a dedicated server are made.


Steps to Reproduce

1. Host dedicated game: add caves and leave all another settings by default

2. Pick wilson

3. Type command in console: GAME_MODES.survival.invalid_recipes = { "campfire", "firepit", "torch", "minerhat", "pumpkin_lantern", "lantern", "coldfire", "coldfirepit", "molehat", "lighter" }

4. Despawn yourself

5. Pick wilson

6. Strange things begin to happenning: you have 100/100/100 hunger, sanity, HP. Desertstorm can appear, unable to craft any items and etc.

Other way to make it happen is to download any mod that changes the default recipes and make a Dedicated Server.

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