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Dedicated Server not showing after update (info inside)

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I have multiple machines in multiple locations and this is what I found.

In some locations / machines, I have no issues, I can start the server, and server shows on the list, but in most locations / machines servers are not showing on list.

Looking at logs, this seems the difference between a working server and a non-working server.

[00:00:13]: [Warning] SteamGameServer_Init failed
[00:00:13]: Your server will still start, but some Steam functionality may be missing.
[00:00:13]: Steam ports can be configured through command line by adding:
[00:00:13]: -steam_authentication_port 12345 -steam_master_server_port 12346
[00:00:13]: or through settings.ini, under the [network] heading
[00:00:13]: steam_authentication_port = 12345
[00:00:13]: steam_master_server_port  = 12346
[00:00:13]: Auth port: 8768 Master server port: 28020

Seems in some situations server not being able to register on steam servers, and not showing on the server list.

Adding the -steam_authentication_port and  -steam_master_server_port on start line or settings files don't do anything, the problem persists.

Sounds like some permission issues accessing network ?

Please DEV'S bring some attention to this problem, lots of server owners got in the dark after the update.

I'll be happy to give more detailed info if needed.

Steps to Reproduce
Update server to latest version, stops showing.

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

Changed Status to Fixed

We've discovered an issue with a recent Steam update that affected DST dedicated servers running on a Windows system that did NOT also have Steam client installed and running.  Update 288768 should fix this issue specifically.

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