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[Dedicated Server Linux] Validate option SteamCMD clears some essential config files to default

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When running the official script to run a dedicated server for DST it will delete/clear for example the dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua config file for mods while validating.
This is because it will check if the file is the same as the original (which is not the case if you edit mod configs) and replace those if they aren't.
The way the validate option works for SteamCMD differs from Windows SteamCMD.

The official guide uses the validate option in the Linux guide:

This issue is fairly old. Most people either remove the validate option or have a workaround which moves a sample file after validation to combat this issue.
The official guide uses the validate option which may result in people scratching theirs heads trying to figure out why their mods don't work.

Here is the issue in more detail: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/116656-steam-update-overwriting-essential-default-config-files/?tab=comments#comment-1318098


Steps to Reproduce

 Very easy to reproduce, check out this link https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/116656-steam-update-overwriting-essential-default-config-files/?tab=comments#comment-1318098

To reproduce:
1) have a dedicated server setup on a linux based machine (official linux guide)
2) edit this file /home/yourusername/dontstarvetogether_dedicated_server/mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua
3) run the server with the script from the guide which uses the validate option
4) check the file after validation: you will see it has been set to default, your changes are gone.

1) Remove the validation option
2) Adjust the script to have a line after validation which inserts the mod configuration file.
For example:

cp sample_dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua  /home/yourusername/dontstarvetogether_dedicated_server/mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua


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