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Dedicated Server Failed To Start. Help me!

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Yesterday, when I installed new mods on the client and on the server (I launched everything to my world), I launched a dedicated server. I waited for a very long time, but when almost everything was over, the game hung tightly and I had to forcibly shut down my computer. And when I started to start the dedicated server again, I saw that the day counter was reset from the beginning (1 day autumn returned), I rolled back to day 28 and started the world, but after a while I wrote "Dedicated Server Failed To Start" , started to turn off those server mods that I installed recently. The next day I tried to start the world again, but I still got the error "Dedicated Server Failed To Start". :(

Steps to Reproduce

I wrote everything in the description.

User Feedback

I would guess that since the server didn't shutdown properly, some of it's savefiles got corrupted and are causing the error.
If so, then probably the only thing you can do to save your world is to go into .../MyDediServer/<ShardName>/save/session/<SessionID> and remove them for each shard (the corrupted ones are empty).

Do you have the log file of your dedicated server to verify if this is the case?

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1 hour ago, Jerry_sus said:

I checked the "sesson" folder and it's empty. I have attached the dedicated server log file. Hope my world is ok :(

That's strange, according to the log you have posted, your cluster_token.txt is empty and the server crashed when trying to use it. So it didn't even get to the world loading part. Is .../Klei//DoNotStarveTogether/Cluster_1 the correct path to your dedicated server's storage directory?
If so, try to get a server token on your Klei Account and save it in the cluster_token.txt file.

Also, what mods did you installed on the server?

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I installed "ActionQueue Reborn" and "Geometric Placement" mods on the client, and I installed "Extra Equip Slots+" and "Show Me (Origin)" on the server. When I followed the link, my dedicated server was not there :|image.thumb.png.5c0c397438125f2def041fc1aa053ef8.png

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These logs look much better :)

Now try to remove the file located at .../Cluster_2/Caves/session/041724AF60B19B05 with name 0000000037 (it should be empty) and restart.

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