Dedicated Server Failed To Start (Fixed)

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Update fixed the issue.

If I try to generate world with caves I get this error.

- I don't have any mods turned on

- The bug replicates after reinstalation

- I have tried turning my antivirus off (doesn't help)

- At first it sais "Launching server" and then the error popup is shown

- I use windows 10                

- I use 64 bit version

Snímek obrazovky 2022-04-22 143839.png

Steps to Reproduce

Start the game -> Host Game -> Create New World -> Add Caves -> Generate World -> Error

User Feedback

Same here. Tried it deifferent networks too. Win7 btw.
In firewall settings also enabled anything found relevant to DST.

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yeah ive tried digging deeper to find a solution but even in the files nothing can be fixed about it rn.


Screenshot 2022-04-24 170501.png

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