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Dangling Depth Dweller aggroes towards Beefalos

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Hello again! In addition to the above, I would like to notify this, I have noticed that a wide variety of mobs avoid directing their aggro towards the Beefalos, even the Ancient Guardian himself is not aggressive towards them, and all types of spiders are too, expert by the Dangling Depth Dweller...

if a Beefalo walks on the silk on the ground, instead of triggering the spiders just to them return to their nest like all other spiders, they get angry and attack the Beefalo, this is extremely annoying when I'm Webber, and I'm in the ruins, and for trying to recruit a couple of Dangling Depth Dwellers to help me, they start attacking my Beefalo for no reason and I have no choice but to kill them, wasting the meat I spent on recruiting them.

I'm sure this is a bug because all the other spiders are not aggressive towards Beefalos and it's also extremely annoying even if you're a webber, even if it's a feature, I dislike it a lot and wish it could be changed

Steps to Reproduce

Step 1: Make your Beefalo to walk on the silk in the floor commonly seen in the Guardian's Labyrinth, or simply with be Webber, get off your Beefalo and use the whistle to call the Dangling Depth Dweller. 

Step 2: The Dangling Depth Dweller will instantly attack your Beefalo, even if you are Webber and thus have the bell linked to him in your inventory. 

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