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Crash upon some actions & weird graphics

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I was not playing much for a time, and when i decided to get back, the game seems to be crashing way more than before (at least for me), and sometimes i see this as well:




I was gonna take a screenshot of a structure with the same visual, the game froze for about ten seconds, after that got back to normal and crashed. The game itself don't seems to lag, just when i get near a place with many things, like a base, but this is normal to me, but seeing the items like this it was rare, until recently.

I don't know if this have do to with the game, maybe is just my computer in the verge of death.

Steps to Reproduce

Game sometimes crash upon joining a server. After opening the game again and trying, loads slow, but works.

Even rotating a map one day, the game just closed.

Rarely the game shows the crash being related about the ram, which could be the problem.

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