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Couldn't connect to LAN server

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I tried to play with my wife, but we couldn't connect to the server hosted on my PC. It used to work fine.
I checked firewall permissions - both dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer_x64.exe and dontstarve_steam_x64.exe are added to the list
Both executables are set to run as administrator (and the window asking for permission appeared)
One thing that looked suspicious - I looked into cluster.ini and there were next values

bind_ip =
master_ip =
master_port = 10888
cluster_key = defaultPass

But c_connect(192.168.0.<my_pc_real_ip_in_lan>, 10888) lead to "server is not responding" error
Then I checked netstat -aon
 UDP          *:*                                    7740
 UDP        *:*                                    7740

It finally connected with c_connect(192.168.0.<my_pc_real_ip_in_lan>, 10999)

Steps to Reproduce

1) Host LAN server on version 519602
2) in cluster.ini it shows
bind_ip =
master_ip =
master_port = 10888

3) Other players can only connect by other port that is binded to

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