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Corruption of fog of war on the map

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A stripe of the world's map gets unexplored

- Happened to me on multiple worlds, the only mod running is the client Geometric Placement

- The stripe is always a different width, going across the map in parallel with the world tiles. the stripe has tiny dots of explored space on it

- The issue temporarily goes away if I travel to a different shard or relog into the world. After I relaunch the game and enter the world, the issue repeats itself


Steps to Reproduce

It happens to me just by playing a world long enough, for 200-500 days. No specific action noticed. Seen some people with the same issue. Might be something hardware specific 

User Feedback

A developer has marked this issue as fixed. This means that the issue has been addressed in the current development build and will likely be in the next update.

I'm familiar with the idea that not every bug is traceable and fixable, especially hardware dependent ones. Would be nice tho, to get a confirmation from someone official that the team is aware of this unintended behavior. This has been frustrating me an several other players for a couple years : (

I'm ready to post any game or system file that would be of any help to you

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An update

After I explored more of the oceans all the way to the borders of the world the stripe became wider:


When I travel to a different shard and temporary get rid of this map corruption, the fog of war borders acquire angular edges consistent with the map tiles in places where the stripe used to be


Also this issue happens in the caves as well if I log out and close the game while being in the caves 

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