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Controller Y button not working properly

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Since the last update I have noticed that the controller functions with the Y button do not work properly.

(Don't look down on me, I play on PC, but mostly with a controller.)

I think most of these functions are a Right Click on Mouse/Keyboard controls.

Y button items:

Repairing items with Sewing Kit, refueling items like Miner Hat, feeding critters, etc

These things are not working properly for the controller.



Steps to Reproduce

Play the game using a controller.

Open inventory and pickup some light bulbs or a sewing kit.

Try and refuel a lantern, or Miner Hat using light bulbs with the Y button.

Or, try and repair a Tamoshanter or Eyebrella with a Sewing Kit.


Occasionally you can get them to work by hitting Y and then quickly dropping the item back into an inventory slot.

But it takes lots and lots of tries to get something refueled or repaired, if you can get it to work at all.

User Feedback

I was able to fix the problem by turning off Auto Pause in the Options menu.


Thank you to the other post that gave me the idea of what was causing the problem.

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