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Controller does not work properly on macOS

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Bug Description

- When opening the backpack, the right stick‘s Y-axis always points downwards, it feels like someone is pushing it continuously.

- Right stick‘s Y-axis failed to point to upwards.

- We can use left stick to move cursor to upper, but after we release the left stick, the cursor moved to downwards.

- After closing the backpack, everything looks normal



- iMac (Year 2020) with latest macOS (used to work normally on older DST version)

- All controllers (Switch Pro, PlayStation, Xbox)

- The same controller works normally on Windows DST

- The same controller on the same iMac works normally on other games


Thanks for any advice or bugfix here!

Steps to Reproduce

- Connect controller to macOS

- open steam and game

- start game

- open backpack

(- your got a controller ghost!)

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User Feedback

Hello mate ,

I am facing the totally same problem as yours in my Macbook Pro , have you solved it now ?

and are you saying there is no issues in the older DST version with the same device and controller ?

Really appreciate it .

Macbook Pro +Steam +Xbox one s bluetooth


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I'm facing the same issue.
It's may related to this: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/dont-starve-together/issue-with-xbox-one-and-ps4-controllers-on-mac-os-mojave-10146-r22844/

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