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Hello again,

Todays topic for me are controller issues which I come across playing DST and wondering if I can get any help or just report these as a bug?

First issue is opening the map whilst moving. On M/K you can open the map whilst moving in a direction. However, with controller you are forced to stop moving when opening the map.

The other issue is targeting enemies, one example is the tentapillars. When holding the attack button the focus is automatically changed to the baby tentacles. When ideally you want the target you attack to stay targeted when you are not moving and just holding down the attack button. Another example is bee queen with her many bee's.

That's all for me now, I'm positive there a re more but off the top of my head I can't remember for the life of me.

Also, I say these are "issues" but they are more of a QOL issue.


Steps to Reproduce

To recreate the map, just open up the map whilst trying to move on the joystick.

To recreate the tentapillar stand infront of one and hold down the attack and watch it retarget onto the baby tentapillars.



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