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Constant Low Frames

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I play DST on the same laptop I use for school. It isn't intended to be a gaming laptop but it has a good graphics card and 16 GB of RAM so I thought it would run DST fine. After messing with some settings I was able to get it to a consistent 45 fps. Would love to reach 60 fps, but I understand that might be shooting a little too high. Recently for no apparent reason, my game has been at a constant 22-24 fps depending on the day. I haven't changed any settings, my Windows and drivers are up to date, and I deleted any mods that may be causing frame drops. None of those mentioned have changed my frames in any way and I haven't found anything online to fix this issue. This isn't due to a world getting old with a lot of items on it, as the same low frames occurs on a day 1 world, so I'm not sure if its a game problem or a laptop problem, but I'm not having this problem on any other program on my laptop. I just uninstalled and reinstalled the game and I got up to 27 fps, which I'm not sure if I should be happy or upset about.

Anyone else have/had this problem and know any ways to fix it that I haven't listed?


Steps to Reproduce

Not sure how to reproduce this problem as it happened randomly one day.

User Feedback

There are many factors for this the most common one I see is with laptops having two graphics cards and the game uses the weaker more battery efficient one which you can change in the operating system settings. Graphics settings and selecting the game executable into performance mode should change this. Second common is power savings options also done through the operating system.

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