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constant lag spikes

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it seems after the most recent patch or update i am getting frequent lag spikes. this is occuring in worlds with and without mods. i have a server at over 200 days that i can no longer play as i get disconnected from the server after a day or two of in game play. that world gets the disconnect symbol in the top left and just freezes. i tested how long it would go before properly crashing and it sat there for over 5 minutes so i disconnected the server and it stopped responding completely. that world has mods so i created a new world with less mods and i can play but quite frequently i get a lag spike which is quite annoying and disruptive for my gameplay.

to test whether its mods or not, i created a whole new vanilla world with no client or server mods and i still get frequent lag spikes. it shouldnt be the PC or my internet connection as nothing has changed there, the only difference i have is the last update 

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unsure but for me its normal gameplay

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