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Chopping down an Above-Average Tree removes fig vines created by other trees.

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When you chop down an Above-Average tree it destroys all the fig vines within a 24 unit radius, regardless if whether or not they were created by that tree.


Below is the removecanopy function. This function is called when the Above-Average tree is removed, chopped down, or burnt. As you can see ALL fig vines that are within 24 units of the tree get removed regardless of which tree spawned them.

local OCEANVINES_MUST = {"oceanvine"}
local function removecanopy(inst)
    if inst.roots then
    if inst._ripples then
    for player in pairs(inst.playersdo
        if player:IsValid() then
            if player.canopytrees then
                OnFar(inst, player)
    local point = inst:GetPosition()
    local oceanvines = TheSim:FindEntities(point.x, point.y, point.z, MAX+1, OCEANVINES_MUST)
    if #oceanvines > 0 then
        for i, ent in ipairs(oceanvines) do

Steps to Reproduce

1. Spawn an Above-Average Tree.

2. Wait for its fig vines to grow and take note of which vines this tree produced.

3. Spawn another Above-Average Tree such that any of the vines from the first tree are within 24 units of this new tree.

4. Chop down the 2nd Above-Average Tree, and notice that it removes the fig vines from the first Above-Average Tree that are within 24 units of the 2nd Above-Average Tree.

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