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Chester Blocks Steering Wheel / Locked On Boat :\

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Chester hopped onto the boat in this position, and stays right in the same spot. When clicking to take the steering wheel on the boat, Wilson will just run endlessly as the steering wheel is just out of reach, since Chester seems to be in just the right spot to block it. I can't get around the mast from where it's placed to push Chester out of the way, and the boat is too small from him to jump towards me, so he's not going to budge this time. While there are some ways out (like walking plank and abandoning the boat, destroying the mast/steering wheel, or killing Chester), those are some extreme solutions to a pretty benign problem.

It's often nice to have Chester along for the ride, there are times where he can be a little "in-the-way", this is probably the worst case of it tho.


Steps to Reproduce

Leading Chester onto the boat where the steering wheel is placed is the main part of the issue. Having placed the sail close to the steering wheel as seen in the picture makes it difficult to move Chester where needed. The Geometric Placement mod was used to set these boat parts where they are, not sure if it's actually possible to place the mast even closer, but that would likely cause the same issue. 

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