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Character progress reset

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Today I was playing with 2 of my friends(everyone uses c_connect to connect to server) and we went into caves. They loaded in, but I was stuck in a connecting screen and decided to disconnect and reconnect again since this happens sometimes. When I connected back, I was put to character selection screen. All my progress was lost (inventory, world map, blueprints, etc.). This happened the day before aswell, but that time I simply connected to the game, lost all progress and after rolling back it got fixed. But this time I rolled back 2 days before going to cave and still could not retrieve the session back. Character ownership check which failed is at [02:18:32].



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I don't know the cause and it has happened 2 times until now, first by simply connecting to the server,  and second disconnecting mid migration to caves. I always use c_connect command to connect to the server. Unfortunately I don't have the logs of the first incident.

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