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Character Positioning Issue

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  • Do you use mods?
     Yes (However, the issue still occurs in a strictly vanilla world too)

  • Version Number
  • 315751

  • Issue title
  • Character not moving on screen / wildlife stuck in position
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Sign into the same dedicated server game via provider (Nodecraft)
  •   Describe your issue
  •  I recently rented a dedicated server for myself and a few friends to be able to play regardless of a host being online. Initially, we used several mods. No issues configured the appropriate files. Everything showed up correct in the server. Most players are able to connect just fine without any issues and mods appear to be working fine. However, my character is stuck at the spawn portal. They perform a walking animation. However, they never leave the same spot. Wildlife also appears to just stay in the same location as well.
  • Turning lag prediction on or off has a slight effect. With it on, it appears to allow the character to move finally. However, the creatures still are not updating position on screen. With it off, neither the character nor creatures appear to move. I did a fresh install of the game on my side. I also did a fresh server install on server side using only vanilla settings. The character continues to be stuck in place.

  • As for my troubleshooting, my ping to the server is in the low 50s. My download speed is also around 50 or so mbps. The issue only appears on this particular server regardless of if mods are used or strictly vanilla settings. Also, doing a clean install and selecting a new character causes the same exact issue to occur. I even attempted deleting all game files on my end and reinstalling the game. For other players, my character appears to be moving normally. However, on my screen they stay walking in place with their animation. Important note, I am able to log into other servers and private games just fine without this issue. 


Steps to Reproduce
It appears to be a very rare glitch. I have read about this issue happening with playstation users and a few PC users as well in the forums.

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