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Character freezes or teleports on boat while sailing at high speed

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When you sail with 2 or more winged sails, the character keeps freezing for ~5seconds before you can move again and perform any action. This happens especially when you "grab the steering wheel" to turn and avoid obstacles or when you "stop steering" to deactivate the sails or drop the anchor. Because of this, it is near impossible to drive with 2 or more winged sails as you cannot react and avoid crashes. I tested this on a private server as well as a Klei official server and have the exact same issue. The only way to avoid this is to keep sailing with 1 winged sails and not use the other sails. Sometimes you just suddenly teleport or beam to another spot on the boat when you try to click on a structure, and happens most often when you try to open a salt box or a chest while the boat is sailing at top speed. The problem is even worse with 3 winged sails.

P.s. this happens when lag compensation is set to on but not when it's set to off


Steps to Reproduce

- Open 2 winged sails

- Lift the anchor

- grab the steering wheel and try to turn


if you are sailing with 2 winged sails and the steering is working, try to "stop steering" to perform any other action and the character will freeze.

This does not happen every single time but definitely reproducible 3 out of 5 times.

For the beaming, try open the salt box while the boat is at full speed with 2 or 3 winged sails.

User Feedback

After further testing, I noticed that the problem happens when you have lag prediction on but not when you have it set to off. hope this helps.

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