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Changed world settings: Dedicated Server Failed To Start

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I changed the length of seasons in my world settings, and played for a while. Got Dedicated Server Failed To Start error. Restarted my computer, and kept trying. Finally rolled back 5 days and then it worked. Played for a while longer, now even rolling back doesn't work.



Steps to Reproduce

- Original settings: Very long autumn, default other seasons
- summer of 2nd year changed settings to only autumn
- finished building base
- Changed event from Cawnival to Winter's Feast (because I've never done it before)
- realized I can't fight the Klaus boss without a winter item & set the season to only winter
- waited the 10 days for the season to actually change
- took a break, came back and got the error
- rolled back to autumn (5 days rollback) and it worked again
- played another 20 days
- now I'm too far into winter, I can't rollback to autumn
- rollbacks no longer works to remove the error

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