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Can't register master server to sing after this game update and other people can't join my normal host game.

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It just happened today.

It worked before with no issue .

[Warning] Could not confirm port 10999 is open in the firewall.

-I turned off firewall  and  antivirus  (no service run) 

-Port 10999  is not in use. I forward port 10999  (try both UDP and TCP/UDP) but it showed the same. This port is able to accessed from internet

-I was update everything as well .I run app_update 343050 validate and update game client.



After long time it was randomly return 200 status and  token  but most of the time it showed like this pic above


I try to host normal game .My friend said he saw my room but ping is ?? and he can't join.

Plese help can't play with friends.


Steps to Reproduce
1.update evertything 2.check if port open or not 2.1 try to change port 3.find many people to join my normal host game (not dedicate sv) all of them saw ping ??

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