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Can't place item structure through the drying rack anymore

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I can place floor structures through the drying rack (chest, alchemy, anything that needs to place on the floor or stay pre crafted). However I cannot place structures that are crafted and go in my inventory (steering wheel, anchor, sails, walls, etc). That wasn't the case before the latest fixes and it seems inconsistent to me. Please see pictures attached


Also can't hammer the structure behind by clicking on it through the rack. If that has to do with the new mouse over changes the hammering is fine but I should be able to place the structures from my inventory through the rack still. I do not use the geometric placement mod or any placement mod. Please let me know if that's a bug or won't be the case anymore following the changes to the mouse over mechanics




Steps to Reproduce

Build a drying rack.

Try to place a structure from your inventory through the rack.

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